About Magnifying Mirrors

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People in industries such as makeup, fashion, modeling and dermatology that focus on skin and its beauty necessarily carry a vanity or magnifying mirror with them.

A regular mirror makes your reflection appear much smaller and you generally tend to make a strained approach especially while adding detail, whereas a magnified view of the same image/reflection helps your approach be much more relaxed and at the same time advanced.

Apart from getting your job done faster your makeup ends up flawless. While using an eye-liner a magnifying mirror can help you a great deal in getting your lines straight and neat. The mirror is particularly recommended when grooming your eyebrows and cleaning your upper lip. With a better look it enables you to get rid of your facial hair completely, making sure none of it is left behind.

Magnifying Mirrors and Skin’s Health

Hence it’s an advisable idea to make use of a magnifying mirror while putting on your make-up. But even if you don’t use one for the purpose it is still good to look at one once in a while. In that way you can always keep good track of your skin’s health. It lets you be aware of any changes in your skin, say flaws, freckles, lines or blemishes at the earliest thus also allowing you to take the necessary cure and precautions at the earliest.

Magnifying Mirrors and Hypermetropia and other Eye-Sight Defects

These mirrors with their enlarged and detailed display can be highly advantageous for people who suffer from hypermetropia and other eye-sight defects, as well as old people whose eye-sights are generally diminishing. These people who usually wear glasses or contact lens are strongly advised against keeping them on during makeup applications, thus making the process a tedious one for them. In this situation, the magnifying mirrors come very handy and make makeup a much pleasurable process once again.

How to Choose a Magnifying Mirror

There are a multitude of options to consider and decisions to take while selecting a magnifying mirror. One of them is choosing if you want a single sided or a double sided one. Another factor to decide is the mirror’s magnification or its capacity to magnify. A single sided magnifying mirror has the mirror only on one side and a frame on the other side. It is possible to choose the magnification according to your needs in pre-ordered mirrors. However most ready-made makeup mirrors offer magnification in the range of 5X to 12X.

Double sided magnifying mirrors are of two types. The first has a plain mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on the other side. These help to compare and verify the makeup in plain mirror to get an exact view of how you will look to others, after using magnifying mirror to put on a polished and impeccable makeup.

The second type carries magnifying mirrors on both the sides. Both its mirrors are of different magnification. Commonly available ones offer a mild magnification of 1X on one side and a larger magnification of 12X or even 15X on its other side. You can use whichever mirror you need depending on the need of the situation. This type is supportive for old people and those who lack great eye-sight.