Know Your Magnifying Mirror

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Magnification is the term used to define the process of enlarging the appearance of something without altering the actual size of it.

A magnifying mirror is a concave mirror, meaning the mirror is bulged outward like a spoon or a satellite dish. And every mirror has a focal point, a point where all the rays of light reflected off the mirror come together. The more the rays are reflected through the focal point, the more magnified the image appears.

What a concave or magnifying mirror does is it concentrates or intensifies the rays of light falling on it as they head towards the focal point. This concentration or intensification results in magnification of the mirror’s reflected image. Thus you are able to see a magnified image of yourself in a magnifying mirror.

Magnification Mirror Formula

It’s possible to measure the magnification of a magnifying mirror by yourself using some simple formulae:

M = – (D image/D object), where M denotes magnification, D image denotes the distance of the image from the mirror and D object denotes the distance of the object from the mirror. By measuring the linear distance between an object and the mirror using a ruler, the value of D object can be known. D image can be obtained using the following formula:

1/D object + 1/D image = I/F, where F denotes the focal length of the mirror.

By substituting the values of D object and the focal length, the distance of the image: D image can be obtained. And this in turn leads us to knowing the magnification of the mirror by making use of the first formula mentioned.

For example, if the value of M turns out to be 12, it means that the image is upright and it appears 12 times larger than the actual object.

Types of Magnifying Mirrors

When it comes to installing a magnifying mirror, there is an option of either mounting it on a wall or placing it on a table.

Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirrors

Wall mounted mirrors are suitable to be placed above the basin in a bathroom. They usually come with an adjustable arm that enables the mirror to be extended to varying lengths and heights according to your need. These mirrors can also be tilted to provide the ideal angle for vanity purposes. Some designers also try their innovation with these extendable arms. Rather than making them straight and conventional, they are given a modern twist by keeping them curved or patterned. Wall mounted magnifying mirrors are apt for people who stand up and look into the mirror while shaving and decking up.

Table Top Magnifying Mirrors

The table top mirrors make themselves apt for those who wish to sit at a dressing table and do their makeup. These mirrors appear with a compact stand to support the framed mirror and can be twisted and rotated. These stands usually allow for adjustments of length. Magnifying mirrors also come in small sizes ready to fit into your travel kit.

Standard magnifying mirrors are made of metals such as stainless steel, silver or brass. Also available occasionally are ones of wood and plastic.

Magnifying Mirror Innovations

The most recent innovation with a magnifying mirror, currently available in the market is electronically powered. These appear with an electronic scale menu which allows its user to regulate the magnification from as low as 0X to as high as 15X !

Lighted magnifying mirrors that are adorned with lights are becoming increasingly popular. This added illumination facilitates better the makeup, grooming and shaving processes. LED lamps are usually integrated all along the circular frame for a fascinating yet functional output.